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There are various ways you can contribute to Harbour’s mission. Consider making a financial donation, donating goods and services, or exploring other creative avenues to show your support. Every act of kindness helps create a safer and more secure tomorrow for those affected by domestic violence.

Our Strategic Plan

The strategic plan will guide our activities over the next three years. It explains the purpose and function of the organisation, our goals  and the major strategic priorities until 2026 and beyond. 

Annual Reports

Harbour’s annual Report lists important achievements during the year; our progress in terms of our strategic direction as well as reports on the operational effectiveness of our key service areas. 


Harbour publishes a quarterly e-newsletter. If you would like something considered for inclusion in an upcoming e-newsletter, please email us. To subscribe to the quarterly newsletter, please subscribe HERE.

Other Publications

Explore Harbour the profound difference we’re making in the lives of those affected by Family and Domestic Violence through more insightful articles and heartening testimonials.

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Join us in our mission to make a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by Family and Domestic Violence. Whether you’re passionate about making a difference through donations, eager to explore partnership opportunities, considering membership, or simply want to learn more, take the first step now. Fill in our contact form, and together, let’s build a community committed to healing, empowerment, and positive transformation. Your support can make all the difference – let’s create change together!”


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Women and children exposed to violence experience significant and lasting impacts to their mental health, physical and psychological development and behaviour.

Providing trauma counselling by a trained therapist is essential to help someone process their experiences and develop healthy coping skills to manage the trauma. Counselling therapy is offered to all women and children who use our services however in order to provide it we use a mix of grants, donations and fundraising. If you wish to help us fund our counselling, please select the Help us Today button below.


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