Emergency Relief
Immediate Support

Emergency Relief

We understand the urgent needs that arise for women and children affected by domestic violence. Many women and children either arrive on our doorstep with no funds or access to funds is blocked or money has been withdrawn leaving them with no access to money for essential items.

At Harbour we use our donations and fundraising to provide immediate assistance to clients of Harbour for essential resources until they are able to receive crisis payments and an income into their own account. From securing food, fuel, and medicine to addressing transportation needs, including taxis, buses, and vehicle repairs, we strive to alleviate the pressing challenges faced by survivors.

Additionally, our emergency relief extends to meeting the schooling and other essential requirements for children such as obtaining copies of ID, enrolment fees for school or day care , or baby equipment.

To facilitate this, we offer vouchers of various denominations and types, handle payments directly through business or agency invoices, ensuring a transparent and efficient process. It’s our commitment to providing timely relief without the need for cash transactions, empowering survivors on their journey to independence and well-being.

Pets in Crisis

Harbour is a Pets In Crisis partner with the RSPCA. If you enter our refuge we have facilities to accommodate a bird/fish/dog/cat/rabbit or other small animal. All pets must be surrendered to Pets In Crisis for temporary fostering and will only remain in our temporary facilities for up to 72 hours.

Whilst in our service you will still be able to care for your pet in our pet area. To find out more about the Pets in Crisis Service, please follow the link HERE or read the FAQ’s HERE.


I Want to Contribute to Emergency Relief.

Emergency Relief is a short term, practical support program offered to women and children using Harbour services until benefits or payments are received in their own account.


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