Child Advocacy
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Child Advocacy

Harbour’s Child Advocacy services provide a weekday support to families within the refuge. Our Child Advocate is a social worker with extensive experience in working with children who have experienced or witnessed family or domestic violence.

Support from the Child Advocate includes liaison with school, health, NDIS or Child Protection services, creche services, individual safety planning, protective behaviours and circle of security education.

The Child Advocate may also provide school equipment such as stationery and uniforms as well as connection to community and parenting groups, counselling or other services that support parents, who in turn can support their children.

At Harbour, young people’s voices must be heard and their experiences in either witnessing or experiencing family and domestic violence will have had an impact on their wellbeing. It is important that we understand how it has affected them and provide support so they may process the experience and recover from the effects.

Stand up for the littlest survivors.

Contribute towards Harbour’s Child Advocacy Services, ensuring specialised support and care for children affected by domestic violence. Your donation assists in safeguarding their well-being.


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