Financial Counselling
Non judgmental, free and confidential

Financial Counselling

Harbour’s free financial counselling service offers women and children affected by family and domestic violence, homelessness or in crisis, support to address their financial problems through the provision of information, advocacy and negotiation on behalf of the client. Financial Counselling services are free and available to women accessing our services. 

The Financial Counsellor has extensive experience and knowledge of Family and Domestic violence and is a registered Work Development Permit Scheme sponsor.  Emergency relief in the form of vouchers or coordinate payments is available as assessed by the counsellor.

How can we help?

Harbour Financial Counselling service is committed to providing you with information, advocacy and support to help you get through periods of extreme financial hardship.

A Financial Counsellor can help prioritise your debts, assist with the development of a money plan, advocate or negotiate payment plans, waivers or debt cancellation with creditors and identify your options to assist you to find a way out of a financial crisis.

Services include one on one Financial Counselling for:

  • Debt negotiation or Waiver and Advocacy
  • Court Fines support (under WDPS)
  • Budget Management
  • Credit payments under financial hardship
  • Income entitlement check
  • Assisting with applying for Escaping Violence Payments and other benefits

Break the cycle of financial abuse.

Donate to Harbour’s Financial Counseling service, providing survivors with the tools and guidance needed to regain control over their financial well-being. Your contribution empowers financial independence.


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