Safe at Home
You can stay at home and get the violence to leave

Safe at Home Program

The Safe at Home program supports women and children who remain in the family home after the perpetrator of violence has left the home permanently. Safe at Home provides you with a range of practical and emotional support to keep you and your children safe in your own home. Safe at Home workers offer a home security audit, safety planning and risk assessments to ensure your safety is not compromised. The program has a small amount of funding to provide security devices such as solar lights, security cameras, deadlocks and window locks.

The Safe at Home program is not designed for women at a high risk of harm so a combination of Family Violence Restraining Orders and holding the perpetrator to account for any breaches of the orders strengthens safety measures in place. The service is free and you may remain on the Safe at Home program for up to twelve months where you will receive intensive support in a safe space to help in your recovery by building independence with wrap around supports. We are led by you on how you wish to move forward.

Eligibility Criteria

If you are at immediate risk of harm we can offer you and your children short term crisis accommodation until it is safe for you to return home. Security upgrades will be installed and support is offered whilst Violence Restraining Orders are served. 

To qualify for the Safe at Home Program, you have to comply with the following eligibility criteria:

  • Live within the South West region of Western Australia
  • Have shared the home with the perpetrator
  • Experiencing family and domestic violence in the home
  • Want to remain in the family home without the perpetrator
  • Have legal tenure to remain in the family home
  • It has to be safe to continue residing in the home following an assessment by the Safe at Home team

You do not have to put up with it or be the one to leave you home. With Harbour Safe at Home services, you will receive free, confidential support and assistance in any a variety of areas.

  • Safety planning & Risk Assessment
  • Home security audits and upgrades
  • Access to safe accommodation options
  • Liaising with the police
  • Support with applying and lodging Family Violence Restraining Orders, accessing legal advice, and supporting women in court
  • Advocating for the safety of children
  • Emergency Relief
  • Counselling Services for women and children
  • Referrals to specialist support services including :
    • Financial Counselling
    • Legal and Tenancy Services
    • Addiction counselling

Empower survivors to reclaim their homes.

Contribute to Safe at Home Services, providing tailored support and resources for survivors looking to rebuild their lives. Make a lasting impact with your donation.


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