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All services we offer are for women and children residing in or relocating to the South West region of WA.

Our model of service delivery is underpinned by a client led case management approach including case planning, goal setting, celebrating achievements and milestones by meeting weekly or fortnightly depending on the level of intensity of support you may need.

Our team of Advocates work collaboratively with other agencies to link you to supports and services you wish to access, provide safety planning, risk assessment, and exit planning in addition to accessing our counselling services, court support and education program. 

If you or someone you know is experiencing any form of domestic violence, contact our team at Harbour today – we are here when you are ready.

All Inclusive

Support Services

Harbour can offer a suite of support services to assist in your recovery and to help you move forward with your life. Our support will be tailored to your expressed needs and the team at Harbour is here to support victim-survivors of family violence living with a disability or who have disability needs (physical, mental health, intellectual, or emotional, including temporary conditions). Carers and parents of a child with a disability can also access support.

For women who do not use English as a first language, we use the Translating and Interpreter Services and augment our supports by linking you to the Australian Government family and domestic violence resources.


Women who do not hold citizenship status or are reliant upon the status of a perpetrator are recognised as having a significantly higher barriers to reporting incidents of violence or accessing support. If this is you, we will assist you to access free citizenship legal advice and help. Unfortunately, our accommodation and services are restricted to supporting women and children however, if you are a male 18 years or over, experiencing family or domestic violence, you can contact the following services:


Extend a lifeline to those in crisis

Your donation provides comfort for a woman and her child at the most uncertain and petrifying time of their lives. Thank you for your support.


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