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Our Heartfelt Gratitude

Our Supporters

Harbour extends our sincere appreciation to our partners, devoted corporate sponsors, local government, and the incredible community organisations that stand by us. It is through this unwavering support that Harbour has been able to steadily sustain and expand its crucial services over the past years. Our dedication to collaborative efforts and commitment to best practices ensure mutual benefits for all involved. 

The roles of sponsors and partners are vital in shaping Harbour’s impact, allowing us to provide a safe haven for those escaping Family and Domestic Violence. If you are interested in discussing partnership opportunities and being a part of our mission, please feel free to get in touch. Together, we can make a meaningful difference.

Our Partners in Service Delivery

We would like to thank the Department of Social Services for their unwavering support, proving invaluable to our mission. Their commitment has played a pivotal role in empowering Harbour, allowing us to provide crucial services to those escaping Family and Domestic Violence. The Department of Communities has been a cornerstone supporter, specifically funding essential areas such as Child Protection & Family Support and Housing. Their partnership underscores a shared dedication to creating a safe haven for women and children in need.

Lotterywest stands as a stalwart ally in our journey, supporting us along the way. Their funding in Emergency Relief has been instrumental in our ability to respond swiftly and effectively to the evolving needs of our community and we extend our deepest gratitude for their continued partnership.  Additionally, the South West Development Commission (SWDC) has been a key contributor, providing crucial funding through their Regional Grants Scheme. Their support continues to play a pivotal role in enabling us to deliver essential services and make a positive difference in the South West region. We are immensely thankful for the collaborative efforts of these esteemed partners.


Corporate Giving Partners

At Harbour, we want to extend a massive shoutout to our incredible corporate giving partners – Synergy Spirit, MGM Bulk, Retravision, Good to Give, and the DV Collective. Your unwavering support and boundless generosity have truly transformed lives in our region. Your commitment to making a positive impact is not just commendable; its life changing.

Through your partnership, Harbour can continue providing vital support and resources for women and children bravely escaping domestic and family violence. We’re immensely grateful for your dedication to building a safer, stronger community. Together, we’re creating lasting change and ensuring that no one faces the challenges of family violence alone. Thank you for being an integral part of the Harbour family!

Community Organisation Partners

A heartfelt appreciation goes out to our cherished organisational partners, the backbone of our wrap-around services at Harbour. Working hand in hand with these amazing collaborators allows us to provide comprehensive support to our clients, ensuring they receive the holistic care they deserve. To our dedicated partners, your commitment to making a difference in the lives of those affected by domestic and family violence is invaluable.

 Together, we’re breaking down barriers, offering hope, and building a future free from violence. Harbour is immensely grateful for the synergy we share, creating a network of support that transforms lives. Thank you for standing with us and making a profound impact on the journey to healing and empowerment!

Individual Donors

A BIG thank you to all our individual donors who generously contributed time, goods and money to support us in our work every year.

Your donations directly support the women and children who use our services, and we could not help them without your support.

Thank You...

  • Tracey Jackson
  • Lisa Jasi
  • Kerstin Woosnam
  • Hash House Harriers
  • Dayna Garnie
  • Peter Cavanaugh
  • Judy Talbot
  • Dortea Mays
  • Linda Willamson
  • Shirley Downing
  • Erin Giudici
  • Annette Whitelaw
  • Denice Dunn
  • Helen Page
  • M Dillon
  • T Turner
  • Maureen Webster
  • Nona Garton
  • Lauren (Newton Moore)
  • Jesse Arden Shirley Downing
  • Alison Comparti
  • Mrs Sutherland
  • Julie Poller
  • Keith & Trish Howe
  • Rob Namestrik
  • Judith Chapman
  • Sandra Limon
  • Alyana Franson
  • James Hayward
  • Wendy Bryant
  • Carol Reid
  • Natalie Howe
  • Dayna Garnie
  • Amanda Sabel
  • Josephine Birch
  • Louise Bunker
  • J Scott
  • Alex Hugman
  • Leigh Tickner
  • Isabella Harvey
  • Issy & Emma (Milligan House)
  • Rachel Macleod
  • June Suckling
  • Michael Finn
  • Robyn Hayward
  • Kevin Ohare
  • Naomi Andrijasevich
  • Pauline Kelly
  • Julia Poller
  • Tia Read
  • Dr Ben Cunningham
  • Gaynor Johnson
  • Zetta McCormack
  • Tiana Spencer
  • Robyn & Gary Sidebottom
  •  Michell Girls
  • Terry Old
  • Tiffany Mitchell
  • Verity Lee
  • Kate
  • Jessica Green
  • Jennifer Creasey
  • Deb Walker
  • Marie Courtney
  • Yvonne Garland
  • Bev Keogh
  • Elaine McDonald
  • Daniel Engelke
  • Betty Watters
  • Eileen Mortimer
  • Jean Lishman
  • Iris Obal
  • Kevin Hall
  • Julie Webb
  • Simone Fricker
  • Brendan Walsh
  • Grif
  • Trish Rose Linda Hill 
  • Helen Helmsley
  • Marissa Gardiner
  • Erica Tonkin
  • Peta/Debbie/Bryn/Taenay
  • Ingrid Hilario 
  • Kimberley Robbins 
  • Jo Birch
  • Margaret Davies 
  • Judy & Alan Parin 
  • Tricia & Steve-One Direction
  • Letisha Blechynden  R
  • Robyn McCarron 
  • Jessica Suggest 
  • Donalie Haynes 
  • Mandy Dreja 
  • Leonie Pearce • Thomas Baldwin 
  • Barbara Lawrance 
  • Helen Hobby
  • Don Baldwin 
  • Michaela Freeman 
  • JannLovio
  • Phil Markham 
  • Joseph Moniask 
  • Alyson Rodgers 
  • Danielle Walsh 
  • Kirsty Norgan
  • Tuu Dia
  • Rebecca Jackson 
  • Sally McDonald 
  • Sophie Collins 
  • Hovea Reed 
  • Carol Maclean 
  • Natalie Hebden 
  • Lorraine Byatt 
  • Catherine Reihma 
  • Rhy Dornan
  • Lee Hawkins
  • Wendy Dixon
  • Monica Theron

Want to become a partner?

We invite organisations to join forces in creating a safer future for women and children escaping Family and Domestic Violence. Explore meaningful partnership opportunities and be a catalyst for positive change. Contact us to start the journey of transforming lives together.


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