Our Vision

Harbour envisions a community where every woman and child is secure from the shadows of Family and Domestic Violence, empowered to rediscover their strength, and fulfill their potential within a supportive environment. We aspire to be a beacon of hope, navigating change and fostering a future free from the cycle of violence.

About Us

Our Mission

Harbour is dedicated to providing transformative support and advocacy to women and their children escaping FDV in the South West region of WA and beyond. Our mission is to create a safe haven where healing thrives, voices are amplified through advocacy, and resilience is celebrated. Through innovative programs and unwavering commitment, we aim to empower individuals to rebuild their lives, rediscover connections, and embark on a journey towards a future filled with optimism and self-determination. We navigate change, awakening the inner warriors within those we serve, breaking the chains of violence, and building a community where everyone belongs and thrives.

Our Values

  • Healing: Providing a space for healing and recovery.
  • Advocacy: Empowering client voices to be heard and actively supported.
  • Resilience: Nurturing self-reliance and celebrating strengths.
  • Belonging: Rediscovering family, friend and community connections.
  • Optimism: Creating a new future with aspirational possibilities.
  • Upliftment: Fostering self-care, self-confidence and self-determination.
  • Responsibility: Encouraging ownership of your own life journey.

Our Story

Our story begins in 1989 when a house in East Bunbury became the first safe-haven for South West Refuge, offering short-term crisis accommodation for women and children escaping Family and Domestic Violence. A group of volunteers prepared and painted the house in readiness to receive clients and a group of five women along with a child care worker, were employed at the refuge to provide advocacy and support for women.


Although Waratah Support Services and South West Refuge initially formed part of the same group, SWR officially became an Incorporated Association in 1991, marking the start of a journey dedicated to effective local responses to FDV.


Over the years, SWR expanded its reach and facilities, acquiring land in 1993 for a purpose-built refuge and adding transitional crisis accommodation units in 1994.


A commitment to continuous improvement led to significant upgrades in 2012/2013 and refurbishments in 2015.

In 2023, a pivotal moment marked the evolution of SWR into Harbour. The rebranding reflected a transformative shift, symbolized by an innovative H icon representing the winding path of a client’s journey, emphasizing rebuilding and breaking the cycle of violence.


Harbour’s vision is cleat: to be a secure place of healing and empowerment, ensuring women and children are free from FDV and empowered to fulfill their potential within the community. 


Harbour is a vibrant force, navigating change, awakening inner warriors, and fostering a future free from the shadows of violence.

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